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Meet the needs of the hydrocarbon sector, through the design and manufacture of ball valves from 150 to 2500 PSI with high quality standards, providing first-hand technical support, protecting the integrity of our personnel and preserving the environment


Valves SAVAL SAS will be a leading innovation organization for the manufacture of ball valves; executing activities with optimal performance in quality, safety, health at work, protection of the environment. With these guidelines, the organization will consolidate itself in the hydrocarbon and gas sector.


Valves SAVAL SAS, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ball valves from 150 to 2500 PSI, which has as a priority the fulfillment of the requirements and needs demanded by our clients, through permanent projection towards continuous improvement, promoting safety and the integral development of our collaborators.


Valves SAVAL SAS, undertakes to plan and execute its activities with social responsibility, taking into account the identification of the hazards to which workers are exposed, assess risk factors and establish controls to mitigate them, in order to implement measures of intervention, to avoid unsafe or substandard acts and conditions, to promote the prevention of occupational diseases, promote the quality of work life, reduce incidents and accidents at work and avoid damage to property.

All this will be achieved with the support of Senior Management, through the annual budget allocation and its dissemination to workers, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders, ensuring compliance with applicable Colombian legislation on occupational hazards, with the maintain and continuously improve the management system of safety and health at work.


Valves Saval SAS, located in Bogotá (Colombia), has an experience of more than 15 years in the manufacture of valves for the oil and gas industry, in diameters from 2 "to 48", Class 150 to 2500 , according to API standards, ASME and ANSI.


Saval Valves SAS, is consolidated as the pioneer in the national manufacture of valves in the industry, being the only company in Colombia with API 6D Certification.


We have a qualified human resource committed to the company's policy and objectives, making it the most valuable thing in our company.


We trust that our profile will be pleasant in the eyes of our clients, suppliers and other interested parties, and we hope to continue consolidating ourselves as a leading company in the sector.

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